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Shareholding - Inventus Mining Corp

Inventus Mining Corp ("Inventus") and Endurance Gold Corporation ("Endurance" or "the Company") were formerly participating Joint Venture partners on the Pardo Joint Venture ("Pardo JV") consisting of a 33 square kilometre 16-claim property, located 65 kilometres northeast of Sudbury, in east-central Ontario. Inventus was the operator of the Pardo JV with a 64.5% interest, and Endurance owned the remaining 35.5% participating interest.

On November 30, 2016 Endurance agreed to sell its 35.5% interest in the Pardo JV for 25,500,000 shares of Inventus and $75,000 in cash resulting in Endurance becoming a controlling shareholder of Inventus. Endurance's current share ownership equates to 20.8% of Inventus. Thus Endurance has exchanged its ownership interest in the Pardo JV for a large shareholding interest in Inventus. Inventus now controls, on a 100% basis, 170 square kilometers of mineral claims with similar geology.

Endurance retains the right to appoint a Director to the Board of Inventus for as long as its shareholding exceeds 10%.

The road accessible property covers a sequence of Precambrian-aged rocks which include the Matinenda and Mississagi Formations, basal conglomerate units of the Huronian Supergroup sedimentary assemblage that forms the 15,000 square kilometre Cobalt Embayment comparable in size to the similar age South African Witwatersrand basin. Gold mineralization defined to-date on the Pardo Property is spatially associated with pyritic and quartz pebble bearing portions of both the Matinenda and Mississagi Formation conglomerates. The widespread occurrence of gold mineralization associated with these conglomerates and the potential size of the target warrants further exploration.

A program of grid drilling and a bulk sampling was completed in 2017 and another bulk sampling program is planned for 2019, which will follow up on 2018 grid drilling completed at the 007 prospect.

Endurance shareholders can follow exploration activities on the Pardo Property by visiting the website for Inventus Mining Corp.

Robert T. Boyd, P.Geo. is a qualified person as defined in National Instrument 43-101 and supervised the compilation of the information forming the basis for this summary.

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Godzilla Zone Pyritic Conglomerate (2014)

Godzilla Zone Conglomerate (2014)

Gold in Polished Microscope Slide Hole PD-07-31

Mineralized Basal Conglomerate - Gold Assay via Total Cyanide Leach of 12.88 gpt - Note abundant free gold on edges of pyrite grains.

Mineralized Drill Core Hole PD-07-31

Mineralized Basal Conglomerate - Gold Assay via Total Cyanide Leach of 2.01 gpt / 8.4 metres.


Pyrite Pebbles


Fine Grained Pyrite between Conglomerate Pebbles

007 Zone Pyritic Conglomerate - Visible Gold Circled in Red

007 Zone Pyrite Pebbles & Visible Gold

007 Zone Pyritic Conglomerate

007 Zone Channel Sample Assayed 92.8 gpt Gold

Paleoplacer Gold Deposits in South Africa - ORE DEPOSITS 101: Witwatersrand Gold Deposits



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